Some times around 1995 I was providing tax services. Personal tax, corporate tax, payroll tax, sales tax, tobacco tax, and many more .  As a computer programmer I knew that one day all of these can be done online via the Internet.  At that time many people had no idea what the internet is and what it will become.  Many good domain names were easily available and the cost of Internet was high. My first dedicated internet line was costing me more than $2000 per month and it was 20 times slower than a basic internet we have a home today.

My plan was to write a program that will automate all of my tax services.  I called it AmTax (for American Tax) and selected the designation of .net because it was going to be on the net.  Any body could access the program from their home or office, enter a few needed numbers and print their tax forms or directly file it with IRS.

The problem is that AmTax was not my only idea. I also had more than 100 other ideas for making money online utilizing the new and fast growing internet that was finding its way to every home and office.  I had to work on all these ideas on the side, while serving my existing clients.

It is now about 20 years past and the number of my internet business ideas has grown to more than 300.  I am only working on less than 5 of them and that take all the time I have.  It is a reality that I will never have time to work on my AmTax idea.

That is why finally I have decided to make website available to others who may be able to put it in a good use.  The fee is $5 per day and it covers the website hosting, email services, and 2 additional sub-domains such as and

To lease hosted website or for more information please call me at +1 (973) 773-7355 or send me an email to